About us

Corresponding with its name, Gold Fitness is a business specialising in gyming products and accessories. Ranging from single gym equipment to wholesome sets, we offer to you everything that you may require for your fitness care. Premium quality of gym fixtures which are durable in nature and will provide you with a perfect partner for robustness are available at our stores and outlets.
Situated in Jalandhar and established in March 2017, Gold Fitness has been emergent in the gym industry as a company with high customer satisfaction rate. Some of the products available in our stores are:

  • Dumbbell Rods
  • Wall Mounting bars
  • Weights
  • Shaker bottles

Our gym sets are very compliable with exercise environments and come in collections such as:

  • 85kg PVC, 3 ft curl rod and dumbbell rod pair
  • 1 bench, 18kg home gym set, 5 ft plain rod and dumbbell rod pair
  • 30 kg Rubber plate Combo with Preacher curl bench and 3 ft curl rod + 5ft plain rod

Our equipment are suitable to be used in personal homes as well as gym industries or resorts. You may rely on us for any of your fitness requirements – from the miniature gym bottles to large gym accessory sets.